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Good ol’ advice from big sis

April 13, 2010 8 comments

Sit down, lil sis. I understand there’s a certain classmate at school named Nova and how she’s stubborn, mean, and always gets her way. But don’t you worry, I’m here to help! When dealing with kids like her, you just need to step up your persuasion levels so you don’t always have to give in to her demands. Here are a few ways to do so.

Negotiate: The trick is to use negotiation as a tool of diversion. Don’t ever compromise your main point. Make up a larger request you don’t care about to draw her attention, then compromise on that by striking a deal using your real (smaller) request. Point is, when both the requests are compared, your real one will seem more favourable so she’ll be more receptive to grant it instead. Remember, it’s a strategic negotiation so you’re supposed to let her think it’s fair.
Ex) Next time during “partner library time” if she makes you read books about Brittany Spears’s little pregnant sister.. what’s it called? Right, Zoey 101, you can say this:
You: Let’s read this mystery book.
Her: But we read one before, let’s read a different book. I don’t like mystery.
You: I don’t care. We should read this mystery book, and then read that entire series of mystery books over there.
Her: But that’s too much! It’ll take forever to read.
You: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Gosh, we’d get sick of them all wouldn’t we?
Her: Yeah, that’s right.
You: Ok, just one book it is, then.

Be taller: Another effective method is to use intimidation and look bigger.
Ex) if she steals your markers that I bought you again, this is what you do:
Her: (sitting) Give me your markers.
You: (standing up) These are mine that my awesome sister bought me. Use your own.
Her: (also standing up) But I need them!
You: (standing on tippy toes) Last time you took the pack then lied about it. That’s stealing.
Her: (still standing) Nuh-uh!
You: (standing on chair) It had my name on the inside of the lid! (Optional: punch your palm while reasserting your proposition).
Her: Uh. Fiiine (sits down).

Use big words: You mentioned she’s stubborn and often uses simple words like nuh-uh, did too, yeah right, etcetc. Do the opposite and use big words. They make you sound smarter and harder to argue with.
Ex) Since you’re not into Barbie, compare these two arguments and see which is more persuasive:
“Barbie is bad. Lego is better.”
“You are the manifestation of surplus delusion if you do not vilify the depredation that toys like Barbie impose on young, innocent kids, while showcasing the supremacy of Lego.”

Use a weapon: If all else fails here’s a pocket watch. When she wants something unreasonable just whip it out and swing it while saying, “You are getting sleepy.. Veerrryy sleeepy~..” You know the rest.

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I said what?!

February 16, 2010 2 comments

So I asked my sister, who’s 9, to use the lint roller to help me get some lint off my pants yesterday. When she got near the bottom it became harder to get off. I told her what to do for that part and she started laughing.

I asked her why she was laughing and she said, “you just told me that I couldn’t take the lint off, so take the lint off. That doesn’t make sense!”
Me: I said that? Really?
Shayla: Yeah! Don’t worry, I know what you meant (couldn’t get lint off using roller, so take them off with hands). But you always say weird things that don’t make sense!
Me: What? No wayy, since when? Like what?
Shayla: Remember when you said not to hang upside down because all the blood would rush to the bed? You said bed when you meant head!
Me: Oh.. HAH. I can’t believe you still remember (lol). Pshh that was it!
Shayla: No, AND the time when I asked you where to put the food. You said to put it in the sink, then later on you asked me why there was food in the sink and I said you told me to do it!
Me: HAHA OH, right, then I told you put it in the fridge instead.
Shayla: SEE? You say weird things!

I had to give to her. She got me. I cracked up pretty badly as she was telling me this. It’s one of those things when my thoughts jump from one subject to another before my words can get the point across. So before my sentence is finished, it skips over to what I’m currently thinking about.

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News of Newsworthiness

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The good news is: Mutual respect regarding people’s ideals has flourished within the past few years!

The bad news is: …I made that up.

I encountered a handful of people (again) who kept showing an unwillingness to learn even the fundamentals of the theory they’ve decided they didn’t believe in, and kept using arguments that were either straw men, red herrings, or ad hominems to attack the opposition and preserve their position. This applies to both sides on any topic where conflicting beliefs and narrow-mindedness would occur. Either way, I think people should think with their heads and feel with their hearts, and that a lot of people forget that.

Rather than trying to understand and/or respect each other’s opinions, they were merely rehearsing their own prejudices thus creating a bigger gap between them.

The real news is: Narrow-mindedness is like a sugar-coated toxin that plagues those who’ve fallen victim of delusion thinking they’d feel good, warm, and fuzzy inside only to get high off blind ignorance, bigotry, and self-proclaimed superiority once they’re intoxicated.

…but that’s old news.

So tell me, what’s new?

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