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Day 5: A Letter to Your Dreams

Dear Dreams,

You come as fast as 10 minutes into sleep. You come no matter where I’m sleeping. You are so vivid and unreal. You’ve given me two instances where I’ve had a dream within a dream. FYI it really is possible. And sometimes you threw in sleep paralysis as a bonus. I’ve had many dreams where they were similar (ex. My X-Men dreams where I was battling Jean Grey etc), but none were quite like this:

Night #1
It was a dark and scary night. I was outside and found somebody chasing me, so I ran. There was a huge maze-like house nearby and I thought to lose the killer through it. The damned place was a labyrinth of confusing hallways and rooms with locked doors. I could hear a cacophony of psychotic laughter echoing in the distance as I frightfully ran through the house. After coming to many dead ends and trying every door, I eventually came to one last door that stood between me and freedom. It was locked. The killer was coming closer and time wasn’t on my side. I vigorously jiggled the door-knob and somehow turned it in a way that it would unlock. Finally I was out of the house. I glance up and lo and behold! Who knew that freedom would look.. like a big red dragon?! It had its back facing the house and I knew I had to get passed it to be safe. Like a cheetah stealthily creeping through the tall grass, I was ready to make my escape. Slowly but steadily, I got to a point where I sprinted out of there.

Night #2

It was a dark and scary night. I was outside and.. –wait, what? This sounds familiar. Good lord, not this again! The following night I had the same dream. No, not exactly the same. Because I remembered going through that the previous night, the familiar events triggered the awareness of it being a dream. Thus it became a lucid dream. It was still scary as heck with the killer at my tail and everything. The house was still a pain I just wanted to find that last door. By the time I got there I panicked because the door wouldn’t open. Eventually it did, it just took a little longer. Then I got to the dragon again. I went through the same procedures as last time and successfully escaped. What a dream.

Night #3
It was a… let me guess, dark and scary night? Yeah! How did you know? Real question is, how could you NOT know?! Exact same scenario. Only thing different was my attitude. I got cocky. It was a lucid dream again because the same thing happened twice in a row and it was all too familiar. I thought to myself, “Ah, this is easy.” I lost the killer and it didn’t take me as long to get through the house. I knew where the last door was and unlocked it with ease. The dragon was still there, and I thought it was harmless. “This is cake,” I thought. At first I was crawling behind the tall grass, but then I picked up my pace and thought it wouldn’t notice. I was wrong. It turned around and looked right at me. “Oh shi..” I ran but the dragon caught up with me and all I could remember next was its mouth getting bigger and bigger as the world got darker and darker.

Thanks for the crazy and vivid adventures, dream. You’re the reason I love to sleep.

Good night!


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