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Day 2: A Letter to Your Crush!

Dear crush,

I know this may seem sudden, but you need to hear this. I’ve had my eye on you for a while now. I must admit, you’re a great person but sometimes you’re a little uptight. You don’t like it when I call you and you somehow always forget to respond to my messages. I don’t see why you’d get upset when I obsessively watch you in your room from a tree branch. I know you don’t want people knowing about me, but that’s why I wore a squirrel costume, silly! I mean, I’m not crazy.

By the way, I’m not giving back your lock of hair. I took it when you were sleeping and it’s mine. And it smells spectacular.

I think it’s cute when you use little code words when talking to me. Remember that time you called and spewed some inventive uses of profanity towards me? I love it when you swear. It makes you sound bad-ass. I’d giggle and say, “The falcon perches atop the snowman.” You’d have hung up by then, but I enjoyed saying it anyway.

Sometimes you’d whisper romantic things about me to your friends. You’d say something and they’d laugh. Then I’d laugh. Then they’d laugh harder. I don’t know what you’re saying, but the way you say it and point at me makes me feel special. I like your friends. They seem nice.

Listen, it won’t be long before you take a real liking to me. Believe me, I’ll start talking to you more, arrange meetings, and I just won’t stop. Not even when the police pull me off of you!

Sarah the crazy stalker girl

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