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Day 1: A Letter to Your Best Friends

A Letter to: My Best Friends

Dear Very Good Friends,

Imagine if we were trapped on an island, left to fend for ourselves. How thrilling is the prospect of an improbable string of events tying us together leaving us trapped on an island?! Our inner beast would be unleashed and our natural survival instincts would kick in. We would use our collective knowledge to draw up effective survival mechanisms. Then eventually some high-maintenance complainer is going to casually mention how it would be nice to have proper shelter or a rudimentary form of sanitation or clothes of any kind. And that’s when things will get awkward.


Okay, it might sound a bit cool at first, but if given the choice I’d prefer we don’t get stranded on an island. We’d be on our own left to fend for ourselves, pitted against unknown flesh-ravaging savages and forced to use whatever skills we have to trade and generate return business. But then again I already spent 6 years in customer service/sales.

So which one of us would be the leader? To make this easier, remember when I used to go on about how I fought dragons, had X-Men powers, and was able to fly? I lied. Well, not really. I really was able to do all that.. in my dreams. You see, in a nonphysical realm such as the dream world, the laws of nature cease to exist. And as much as I’d like it to, the powers I had in the dream don’t carry over to the real world. What I’m saying is in reality I. Am. Useless. A procrastinating, mistake making, job avoiding useless yahoo.

This is how I picture it. We’re gathered around a bonfire. The conversation turns to assigning jobs/listing your qualities.
“I can make us delicious food!” Says one of you.
“I can provide musical entertainment! You can rely on me!” Says another.
“I can write awesome short stories!”
“I can be the logical, rational peacekeeper!”
“I can keep everyone laughing and smiling, no matter what I do!”
“I can cheer anyone up in times of stress!”
“I can fix anything!”

Then you’d go on listing which qualities you have that’s pertinent to survival.

It’s my turn now. Everyone looks at me. Crickets chirp, pins drop, someone coughs..
“If.. If I work really hard and concentrate,” I’ll continue, “I can cross my eyes.”

Like this girl.

Could I be a doctor? No. A food gatherer? Have you seen my sense of direction? A cook? Haha you’re funny. A hunter? Maybe, though I’m not very good with physical activity and, um, is that a drop of blo –faints girlishly.
Yeah I’ll be first to die. In that case you guys can have my meat. Just don’t put my head on a stick to ward off beasts. It won’t work.

But enough about me. Bottom line is you, my dear friends, are awesome.

From your chum,


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