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May the 4th be with you

Salutations! guess what day it is?! It’s Star Wars Day! It’s not an official holiday, just some clever nerds remodeled the catch phrase “May the Force Be With You!” to “May the Fourth Be With You!” Now would be a good time to whip out my light-sabre and break out in battle.

It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, but I haven’t quit you yet, blog! What can I say, I have one of those things called a life. Unfortunately I’ve been spending most of it on one of those things called a job -which, by the way, I’ve exceeded my sales revenue goal of 2500, sitting in first place at my branch with 22000. So go Me!

Enough about work. So the world never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes it is blue, then it’s red, and when I’m tired it is black. When I’m awake things are odd and when I’m asleep they are even more odd. Greed and the act of scamming others for your own benefit is something I can’t even begin to comprehend. If you’re going to move forward in life, pushing others back isn’t the only way to do so. If you’re going to race, run faster. Cheating is for the weak. But people do it anyway.

I also don’t understand why people are so quick to act on their emotions when there is a misunderstanding. To avoid unnecessary tension between conflicting beliefs, people should be open to alternative, negotiable ways to convey our beliefs as well as being open to different values/perspectives. Not only is it peaceful, it’s also a learning opportunity.

-But nope! Because if one side is ignorant enough to only see one view and strongly claim its validity, you can sure as hell speculate they may resort to measures equivalent to their level of ignorance and hostility to present that belief. That’s when one should realize when to just end the discussion. After all, if you argue with a fool, the spectators won’t be able to tell the difference.

Luckily there are some things I do understand. I understand Calvin and Hobbes comics and food. Those are the rules of the world.

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