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Gather ‘round, children. It’s story time!

I’m going to write a novel and submit it to a publishing company. It’s called, “My Mind is a Black Hole.” It’s about this character (you could say it’s semi-autobiographical) who finds herself at the mercy of egg-heads in white coats during some laboratory experiment -something to do with studying my overwhelming awesomeness. Then an accident occurs, causing a big explosion of my head. The scientists reassemble my head and mix in certain chemicals that lead to having superpowers. It works likes this: any encounter with irresponsible, narrow-minded, truth-denying, people who maliciously misunderstand and force me to decrypt the tautological nonsense they elicit would make my head explode.

With my head turning into a supernova, the chances of a black hole forming are heightened. At which point, the black hole inevitably sucks in every quark, lepton etc (you name it) of the person, where they are recomposed into my subconscious. They would have to live in my world, deal with my crazy dreams etc. When they understand their wrongdoing they are released and re-recomposed back to reality (only they have the power to do that). However, it’s not guaranteed they will go back to the way they were before the decomposition. The process is all involuntary.

*Spoiler alert*
Then in the last chapter I piss myself off and get sucked into my own black hole. Oh the horror.

Note: “Supernovas” take a long time to occur, and even so it would take a lot for a serious “black hole” to form. Metaphor ends now.

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