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Post-Olympic Withdrawal

Due to all the Olympic hype, I haven’t had the time to post anything lately. Olympic winter games came to Vancouver this year so the night life downtown was lively. People were hugging, chanting, cheering, singing, high-fiving each other everywhere. Last Sunday was the last day of Olympics. Also, the hockey teams, Canada and America, were playing for gold at noon.

I had an appointment with a client at 10:30, so in order to finish on time for the game I’d have to get there early. At 10:00 I urged the driver, enticing her to consider stop signs optional. She dutifully speeds as if she were rushing a fully dilated woman to the hospital. Tires squeal. The brakes squeal. The driver squeals. Rules of the road be damned, the game is going to start!

I get to work with moments to spare before my client arrives. An hour passes, and she’s out! Considering my job, that lady’s amputated limbs wouldn’t have gone in vain. Fast forward to the moment Crosby shoots the winning goal and we claim gold!

Anyway after work I head downtown. Wasn’t planning to go, but a friend wanted to one last time before it ended. Caught a light show, some rappers, Shane Koyczan, the coke place on yaletown, and many other things on the road. For those who don’t know, this is Shane:

He performed Atlantis downtown and made an appearance at the opening ceremony. Anyway, Olympics are over and now you’d get weird looks if you hugged, chanted, cheered, sang, or high-fived any stranger on the streets. It was good while it lasted!

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