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Shows galore!

So on the 17th I went to a free concert show with Bend Sinister and Hot Hot Heat at Holland Park. I’ve never heard of HHH before, but I’ve seen Bend Sinister along with other local artists when I went to the Rio Theatre to watch another live performance the previous week. Anyway, the crowd in the front-middle was insane. Being there was like being in a game of tug o’ war, but with pushing instead of pulling. Losers fall over, but in that case everyone’s a loser because the fall causes a domino effect. I got pushed into it. And I lost my shoe. Twice. Hah! But it’s all good. We got out of there eventually.

Meet Bend Sinister. They’re pretty good.

The next day there was another movie we caught. The Couples Retreat. After dinner with some old friends from high school who I barely see, we decided to rent a movie. Couldn’t decide on which movie so the worker made a not-so-great suggestion where we not-so-smartly agreed to seeing. It was a bad chick flick, I fought to pay attention.

Then yesterday we decided to watch Shutter Island.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s an excellent actor. It was a psychological thriller.

And today I’ll be watching How I Met Your Mother.

  1. Cindy
    March 5, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Ahhhh you watch HIMYM?! I lovelovelove that show! I think I’m only on the beginning of the 4th season though ><

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