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I said what?!

So I asked my sister, who’s 9, to use the lint roller to help me get some lint off my pants yesterday. When she got near the bottom it became harder to get off. I told her what to do for that part and she started laughing.

I asked her why she was laughing and she said, “you just told me that I couldn’t take the lint off, so take the lint off. That doesn’t make sense!”
Me: I said that? Really?
Shayla: Yeah! Don’t worry, I know what you meant (couldn’t get lint off using roller, so take them off with hands). But you always say weird things that don’t make sense!
Me: What? No wayy, since when? Like what?
Shayla: Remember when you said not to hang upside down because all the blood would rush to the bed? You said bed when you meant head!
Me: Oh.. HAH. I can’t believe you still remember (lol). Pshh that was it!
Shayla: No, AND the time when I asked you where to put the food. You said to put it in the sink, then later on you asked me why there was food in the sink and I said you told me to do it!
Me: HAHA OH, right, then I told you put it in the fridge instead.
Shayla: SEE? You say weird things!

I had to give to her. She got me. I cracked up pretty badly as she was telling me this. It’s one of those things when my thoughts jump from one subject to another before my words can get the point across. So before my sentence is finished, it skips over to what I’m currently thinking about.

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  1. CC
    February 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Heh, your sister seems so innocent and cute. It’s funny you publish this blog now since recently, my friends and sisters have been saying something similar about me. I always seem to stutter and skip notes when I talk; thus, either becoming incomprehensible or saying something completely different from what I meant to say. If I notice I’m starting to slur or mess up the order of my words, I just end up going with it and further making myself look foolish to avoid humiliation (oh the paradox in this sentence…w00t humour). Or I play the childish “I meant to say that to test you, see if you were listening, you pass” and look away awkwardly in hopes they bite (never works…). Sometimes thinking on so many tangents has its drawbacks and so staying quiet, smiling, and nodding innocently is probably a more favoured approach :D… But in the exampled cases your sister presented, maybe keeping a pen and paper on you at all times could be a solution. (under the assumption you reread what you write to avoid misinterpretation and shame)

  2. February 20, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Haha I used the “I was just testing you” line as well at one point. Of course, it didn’t work though:P.

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