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News of Newsworthiness

The good news is: Mutual respect regarding people’s ideals has flourished within the past few years!

The bad news is: …I made that up.

I encountered a handful of people (again) who kept showing an unwillingness to learn even the fundamentals of the theory they’ve decided they didn’t believe in, and kept using arguments that were either straw men, red herrings, or ad hominems to attack the opposition and preserve their position. This applies to both sides on any topic where conflicting beliefs and narrow-mindedness would occur. Either way, I think people should think with their heads and feel with their hearts, and that a lot of people forget that.

Rather than trying to understand and/or respect each other’s opinions, they were merely rehearsing their own prejudices thus creating a bigger gap between them.

The real news is: Narrow-mindedness is like a sugar-coated toxin that plagues those who’ve fallen victim of delusion thinking they’d feel good, warm, and fuzzy inside only to get high off blind ignorance, bigotry, and self-proclaimed superiority once they’re intoxicated.

…but that’s old news.

So tell me, what’s new?

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