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Take Two… Action!

This is actually my second attempt in creating a blog. I didn’t follow through with the first one. I’m not one to routinely talk about my days and spill my guts to the world for sympathy or fabricate my content to portray a sugar-coated life. I just wasn’t into the “daily musings of a typical juvenile undergoing post-pubescent depression” type of thing. In any case, I’d contract an acute case of “who-the-@#$%-caresosis” whenever I came across blogs like that. As I’ve said in my earlier blog, I just find it superficial telling my thoughts, activities, wants, etc all the time as if there’s an imaginary audience to my online reality show.

But perhaps that outlook on blogging is too negative. I understand not all blogs are like that. In fact, I’ve come to respect a handful of bloggers for their content. So I’ll set aside my old views on blogging and give it another try. Everyone has their own reasons for blogging. I actually came across some of my old writing from years ago, so I was able to see exactly what went through my mind at that time. You know you’ve grown up here *points to brain* when you can look back at what seemed to be troubling issues, and see them as funny and minuscule now. But those were the building blocks that made me who I am today, and I think that’s worthy of note. So I’ll be doing that (again) here, now.

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  1. DS
    April 23, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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